Conservation in Waltham Forest

The London Borough of Waltham Forest has enjoyed some big rises in property prices over the last few years and remains one of the most attractive hotspots in the capital. The area has attracted buyers of every type, including those looking to get on the property market, couples and families moving up the ladder, and investors searching for investment opportunities.  

With rising prices and high demand for properties it may be surprising that the area retains its strong commitment to conservation, but that is exactly what is happening. The Borough is already home to 12 areas that have protected status and two more are planned to be added to this in the near future. Each of the areas is protected because they are home to special architecture and historical features.

When a location is deemed a conservation area it means the local council is taking additional steps to protect it and limit development. The status could see higher requirements for planning permission and involve changes to plans that help to conserve the region.

It is impressive that Waltham Forest is taking such care to protect its heritage at a time when growth and demand in the area is so high. Countless residents appreciate the approach the council is taking because it means attractions in the area and important features are preserved.

When people look at property investment, whether it is in Waltham Forest or any other area, it is important to consider the values of those people who live and want to reside there. This is vital and it can offer an array of benefits. Of these possibly the most important is the fact that you’ll find out more about what prospective tenants value.

At Finefair we can offer advice to people searching for an investment property in Waltham Forest. We can offer advice about different areas in the Borough, including those that have conservation status. Buying properties in these areas can offer benefits but it also presents challenges so it is wise to have a knowledgeable team to help you.