The condition of a property is important for buyers

Last year the UK’s housing market bloomed in spring and summer – especially in London and the south of England – before activity dropped towards the year’s end.

Figures recently released, which recorded the annual change of house prices for the first time in 2014, suggest that they rose around 7.2% during the full year, with the average in London being 17.8%. As strange as it may seem, the rise is not due entirely to inflation and demand but rather the fact that people are purchasing new carpets. Home improvements have assisted the housing market in 2014, and are one of the largest contributing factors to the rise in valuations, which are only expected to rise during this year.

Due to the amount of change and technological advancements in recent years, many homes are outdated and unsuitable for the demands of today. Whether it involves outdated electrical wiring, shabby decoration or even lack of ‘smart home’ installations, factors such as these can discourage buyers and renters. It’s important that properties are modernised to appeal to today’s generation. If you are an investor, it could be worth your while to purchase a property to modernise and make a profit through buy-to-let or re-selling.

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