A comprehensive private lettings service

Letting your property needn’t be done publicly: you can also let out your property to private tenants if need be. Though it can be a hard work finding such tenants, we can help you to do so.

We are a specialist lettings agent in the City of Westminster. We work with a number of companies across London and the UK who need to relocate incoming staff into comfortable accommodation, and we are always looking for new properties to add to our portfolio. When you choose our private letting service, we can find you a reliable tenant as quickly as possible.

London is one of the financial centres of the world, and many international companies are based in the capital. Many international companies are looking for London properties where they can relocate their workers, so that they can work in the UK either permanently or on a temporary basis. We personally deal with a number of major corporate clients who need to relocate their workers to the UK. Our services aren’t just limited to London, but to other centres of British business such as Edinburgh and Manchester, so that our clients’ workers can live close to their place of work.

We offer a comprehensive service designed to please both landlords and the companies who wish to relocate their staff. Negotiable rates are offered to ensure that companies can easily relocate their staff without breaking the bank, whilst also providing you with a fair amount of money for hosting the worker in your property. We will personally relocate them, ensuring that the entire transition is as smooth as possible and helping them get used to their new surroundings. Once they are moved in, a 24 hour concierge service is provided so that tenants have access to help and landlords don’t have to worry. We perform regular property inspections and ensure that the needs of every landlord are covered, from rent collection to renewing the tenant’s terms.

We pride ourselves on being the lettings agents able to consistently meet the individual needs of not only the private individuals but of their companies as well. We offer a comprehensive and tailored service designed to fulfil all of our clients’ needs, and landlords can be assured of a dedicated service. We will provide professional help to all who need it, ensuring a fair and comprehensive service is provided for all parties.