Community support for Hanworth Park House restoration

Hanworth Park House is a Grade II listed property that dates back to 1798 and has a huge wealth of history. It was originally built to replace a royal hunting lodge formerly owned by Henry VIII that was destroyed by fire in 1797. Construction on it began in 1798 and was completed in 1802. The original house was extended numerous times over the years, including the addition of the west wing and clock tower around 1860.

During the First World War the property was used as a military hospital. It subsequently became a hotel and country club and part of the parkland surrounding the house became an airfield. The use changed again in the mid 1950s, turning it into a care home. It remained as such until 1992.

Sadly the property has been left empty for the last 25 years and continues to deteriorate. This means there is a risk that one day it will be lost entirely.

Several restoration plans have been submitted in the past with the aim of preserving Hanworth Park House. The most recent ones were rejected in August though. Hounslow Council remarked that the idea to build housing on the parkland around the property to finance the restoration was not in keeping with their Greenbelt policy. As a result a new plan is needed.

The owner of the property has been joined by local residents in encouraging Hounslow Council to work on restoration. It is hoped that the project would benefit the community by creating park and recreational spaces, access to function rooms, and new jobs for the construction work.

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