Commission for more council built homes means leasing opportunities

A new UK Housing Commission has been launched to explore new avenues to property construction so that councils can make the building of new homes possible. Councils throughout the country built nine times more homes between 2010 and 2015 than between 2000 and 2005 and are aiming to substantially increase the availability of new homes in their local areas.

Research by the Local Government Association has highlighted how important continued property development is as the country needs 230,000 new homes every year. The Commission will also explore the importance of effective housing on boosting employment, saving social care and NHS money, financing care for an ageing population and assisting people into work.

The Commission will focus on finding new ways for councils to enable investment in new homes and to shape new homes within prosperous communities and areas. It will also look at ways for councils and housing associations to support tenants across the UK.

Evidence will be gathered from the good practise that has successfully addressed key issues in the past and will enable councils to assess exactly what is needed to build on those successes. Councils, organisations and individuals are invited to contribute their evidence and ideas to the Commission’s advisory panel which is made up of academics and experts.

The panel will look beyond current housing reforms to make the case for councils to be able to deliver the homes needed for the UK’s communities. All findings will be presented in a report in spring 2016 at the LGA annual conference in June.

The aim of the Commission is to collaborate with the Government to make sure that housing and planning reforms provide full support to council efforts to construct more homes to solve the housing shortage. It is important that councils are equipped to play a lead role in building the homes required in order to create thriving places.

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