Up and coming areas present potential investment opportunities

Back in 2011, there were many predictions made by property consultants regarding areas where property value would jump during the period up to 2015. All predictions proved correct, and we are now seeing new predictions for certain London areas expected to rise between now and 2018. Analysis such as this is always food for thought and provides a decent beginning point for beginners.

London is brimming with new construction projects and transport upgrades that are creating new opportunities for buyers, regardless of their budget. Urban renewal remains constant in the capital, and we see areas that have been forgotten being re-awakened for several reasons. Young homebuyers seeking under-valued property can colonise the fringe of a popular area, or a particular location can be transformed by regeneration projects and subsequently become very desirable to buyers, investors and developers.

An area can also be rejuvenated by commercial projects. The Tate Modern revitalised the Bankside area and spurred a familiar cycle. New circles take up residence, bring vitality to the area and push up prices. The past five years have seen the biggest rises in coveted central London areas. However, the new growth districts are further afield. The population in London is continually on the rise, and available housing is failing to meet the demand. This has resulted in a need for well-connected areas with more affordable price tags.

Buyers that invest in well tipped areas often see substantial remuneration as a result of their boldness. Canary Wharf and Dalston are just two examples of locations that were tipped to thrive and did exactly that. The opening of the high frequency and capacity railway Crossrail in 2018 is already increasing the allure of many areas. The major reward of the railway is slashed journey times. There will be approximately 1.5 million people within a 45 minute commute of the capital city’s key business districts.

One of the areas tipped for success is Hale Village. Located next to Tottenham Hale Station, the village is Haringey’s biggest development since the 1960s and its future projects include a residential skyscraper, shops, offices and private rental accommodation. If you are a potential first time buyer or landlord or developer in search of a new investment opportunity we can assist with a comprehensive service, whether you wish to make a property investment in Haringey or in any other location. We can help you find the right properties in the most promising locations and offer you full investor services and property management.