Up and coming areas for investors

New vitality is coming to many areas in London in the form of regeneration, transport upgrades and home developments. While they may still be under the radar at this current moment in time, many experts are predicting that they will become some of the year’s most sought after areas and recommend that investors investigate the possibility of doing business in these regions. Here are a few areas that are predicted to become even more appealing to buyers and sellers this year.

Notting Dale (Kensington & Chelsea – W10 & W11)

Notting Dale is west of Notting Hill, in between Ladbroke Grove and White City. Until recently the area was mostly known for its industrial premises and had little light shone upon it. However, thanks to a number of new and future developments, Notting Dale is entering the cultural map. A new art gallery and exhibition venue have been erected, a trendy new office building overlooks the area and many new homes are currently in development, meaning that it is definitely an area to look out for.

Leyton (E10)

Leyton may not have large skyscrapers and shopping malls like nearby Stratford, but it is still a great East London area. Since the 2012 Olympic Games, Leyton has enjoyed a colourful facelift, and there are many areas of large open land. This makes it a great spot for new homes and buildings, and many existing properties have also experienced renovation over the past few years. Victorian homes have been changed into modern starter homes for young people looking to upgrade from flats, so Leyton could soon be in high demand for young couples and families.

Brockley (Lewisham, SE4)

Young and mobile commuters found Brockley in the 1980s but it had never caught on as a popular area until the 2010s. The location is currently in demand as a result of a number of chic bars, cafes, delis and micro breweries that have opened.

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