The combination of old and modern in Lewisham

Lewisham is regarded as a modern Borough due to the huge amount of regeneration work going on and the newer buildings that have been built in the area. Surprisingly there are a number of notable older properties and landmarks as well though.

One of the most interesting is the 1950s Rivoli Ballroom. It stands out because unlike the majority of these buildings it began life as a cinema in 1913. It became a dance hall in 1957, reopening in 1959. This is quite surprising because the majority of ballrooms were transformed into cinemas not the other way around.

The Rivoli Ballroom remains a really important building and a valuable piece of the cultural heritage of the area. Its interior has been used as a set for numerous music videos, movies, and photo shoots. The property was given Grade II listed status in 2007 to ensure it is preserved for the future.

One of the most incredible landmarks in Lewisham is the Hilly Fields Stone Circle. Although it was erected to mark the Millennium the 12 granite boulders are said to be close to 400 million years old. The flagstones are a little younger but still date back 350 million years. This is an amazing combination of new and old.

Lewisham is a very popular Borough and attracts all kinds of buyers and renters. The cultural heritage and combination of new and old is a major selling point. In addition the area is very well connected, making it great for commuting.

At Finefair we provide a range of services including property management in Lewisham. We really love working in the area because it has so much going for it and attracts such a wide array of different people. Each service we offer can be adapted to suit the needs of the client and the specific audience they are looking to attract.

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