Cleaner air in London

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Air quality is a big issue in London. The city is highly developed and has some of the busiest roads in the UK. As a result there is lots of pollution in the capital. In many areas the levels of nitrogen oxide are higher than the legal limit.

The Government and local authorities are looking to address the problem. There are many plans in the works, including increasing greenery, improving the built environment, and further congestion charges. In addition there is a plan for 2040 to ensure people only drive electric or part-electric vehicles.

Where are the best areas to live?

Many people now consider air quality when they decide where they want to live in the city. Some even choose to relocate from their current home to an area where it is cleaner.

Engineering specialist Arup recently revealed some data to help people choose the cleanest areas. Their survey took a look at carbon emissions, nitrogen oxide levels and also diesel particles in the air. Kingston upon Thames had the best air quality in London. It benefits from having lots of greenery and parkland. The large stretch of the Thames also helps.

The top five areas according to Arup are;

1) Kingston upon Thames
2) Sutton
3) Richmond
4) Merton
5) Harrow

If you are looking to invest in a property you might get more attention from potential tenants if it is in an area with better air. You could also look at things to make the property greener and more eco-friendly, including efficient heating.

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