City of London commercial property trading was strong in July

July showed that property in the City of London is still very highly regarded as an investment opportunity. The month saw the strongest commercial property trading in over a decade according to Savills, totalling £2.35 billion. In March 2007 £2.1 billion of properties were sold, including the iconic 20 Fenchurch Street. This puts the current performance into perspective.

The strong trading in July took the total investment turnover for 2017 to £11.5 billion, 24% up on the same period in 2016. It is believed that by the end of the year the total for the City of London may exceed the £17 billion recorded last year.

Investors from all around the world are being drawn to investing in commercial properties in the City of London. Asia remains the most popular destination, accounting for 63% of the investments. EU investors are behind 17% of the deals and Brits come in third at 11%.

The current demand has led many to predict that more buildings will be put on the market before the end of the year as previous investors look to cash in. This could increase supply slightly but is unlikely to bring values down as demand continues to climb.

The City of London remains a very popular investment hotspot due to the number of highly regarded commercial buildings and the continued demands for space. When coupled with high demand, the end result is prices are being pushed up.

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