Choosing the perfect management package

Owning a London investment property and letting it to paying tenants can be extremely rewarding, but also extremely hard work, especially if you own multiple investment properties or you live in a different area to them. With paperwork, upkeep and maintenance, tenants’ needs and all the other day to day considerations, there is generally a lot of work to consider.

Most landlords will opt to have a professional management company to handle the work for them, but as you will be placing your valuable investment in their hands, you need to know you’ve chosen the right option. Here are some of the qualities you should be searching for when you are looking for your perfect property management partner.

Experience. Think about how many years the company has been established and the type of properties they have worked with in the past. Established for more than a decade, we have regularly worked with all types of properties of a huge range of values, from HMOs to blocks, estates to single studio apartments, making us a dependable option no matter what kind of investments you may own.

Good recommendations. From online reviews to word of mouth reviews from friends, family and colleagues, recommendations are generally a reliable way to gauge the quality and reputation of a company. There are also many online forums and websites where landlords and investors can exchange information and advice, so consider joining some of these to get their opinion. We pride ourselves on the excellent reviews we have gathered over the years, and the fact that so many of our clients remain with us year after year speaks for itself.

What they include in the management package. It’s much simpler to deal with one comprehensive management company rather than having to use multiple companies for your various needs. We can take care of every aspect of property management in Haringey and all other boroughs of London and can have as much or as little involvement as you wish, meaning we are the only company you will need to deal with.