Why choose to live in Richmond Upon Thames?

Richmond upon Thames, situated in South West London is considered by many to be an incredibly beautiful town and offers some of the finest dinning, shopping, opportunities for children and places to visit in the UK.

Richmond’s restaurants are among the best in the capital and include a wide array of cuisines, including French, Italian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Persian and Croatian dishes. Due to the high popularity, it is wise to book a table in advance if you are going out for a special occasion at one of the leading establishments.

The Borough is not short of places to visit and has some of the best sights in the UK. Richmond Park is one of the most highly regarded with its astounding views, red and fallow deer, and the immaculately beautiful Pembroke Lodge which is ideal for weddings and family occasions. For everyone who loves exotic sights, the Kew Gardens offer some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country and attract over one million visitors every year.

With a wide array of historic houses, Richmond prospers with culture. Such establishments include Marble Hill House, Hampton Court Palace and Ham House. If you are a rugby fan or are a huge concert buff, you are in luck because Richmond is home to the largest rugby stadium in the country, Twickenham.

The town centre is renowned for its shopping potential but the wider Borough has an even larger list of high quality establishments. Children will also benefit from living in Richmond as there is an array of activities including clothing shops, party venues, drama activities and soft plays.

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