Celebrating culture in London

At the end of February the first two winners of the title of London Borough of Culture were announced. The successful Boroughs were Waltham Forest and Brent. As a result, each local area earns £1.35million to go towards cultural programmes. They will also get support from national bodies for arts.

Waltham Forest will be the very first Borough of Culture in 2019. Brent will take over in 2020. Both areas revealed some of their plans for the future in their bids for the prize. Consequently, there are plenty of interesting things in store for the Boroughs.

Wonderful cultural events

The thing that stands out about Waltham Forest’s bid is they aim to increase the number of households that take part in cultural events. They have set an ambitious target of 85% of households participating in 2019. This could inspire more people to continue to celebrate culture and participate in the future.

There are a number of great events in store including a laser light installation, a digital installation, and also festival celebrating Alfred Hitchcock. The celebrated director was born in Leytonstone in the Borough.

An artistic Borough

It is great that Waltham Forest will be the first Borough of Culture. The area is home to a large number of artists, attracting people who were priced out of central areas such as Hackney. Even with this it is strange that many local residents don’t embrace the art scene. Next year could change this though.

Boosting house prices

The news will also be good for investors. The area has already become attractive because house prices have enjoyed a huge 82% rise in the last decade. It is now a destination of choice for many buyers and renters. A stronger cultural scene could encourage even more people to live in the area.

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