Camden offers secure investments

2015 was another highly successful year for property investors in London. Demand for property across the capital saw both rental yields and property values increase at a rate higher than the national average. While London faces a number of key events in the year ahead which have uncertain economic implications, such as the Mayoral election in May and the EU Referendum in June, most hold the view that property market success shall be sustained. To ensure that you reach success as an investor, it remains vital to have the right people working for you. Our track record over the last year shows that we are still the leading name for success with investment properties in London, just as we have been over the previous decade.

The different Boroughs of London offer a number of potential means for success. Whether you are looking for the long term revenue returns of guaranteed rent or council leasing, or wish to expand your property portfolio for other reasons, we will advise you on which area will deliver the maximum results. At this time, we believe Camden is an area which offers some very specific potential for exceptional returns.

A recently released study has shown that Camden is the part of the UK which is presently “best insulated” against the prospect of being negatively affected by a change in interest rates. This is because of the year-on-year increase in demand for property in the borough, which has seen both average rental yields and property values grow. Despite this growth, the cost of property in Camden remains attractive in the context of the London market, and at this stage still holds a remarkable potential for growth for investors.

Our status has been achieved by presenting a comprehensive range of services. In addition to ensuring that buyers find the investment properties which meet their requirements, we provide market leading services in guaranteed rent and council leasing. When it comes to guaranteed rent, we have reached preferred supplier status across the London boroughs.

Despite the challenges which lay ahead, 2016 has so far been one of further growth for the London property market. People looking to make gains and to secure growth with London property know we are the leading name for this service, offering full portfolio, property and estate management in Bexley, Camden and beyond.