Camden is the third most valuable area in the UK

Finefair offers a range of specialist property servicing, excelling where other companies may struggle with the scale of jobs. For example we are the top team for estate management Camden has available. When we manage large estates we achieve unbeatable value and ensure tenants and landlords get the best support.

A very strong five years

In the last five years Camden has earned the position of the third most valuable area in terms of property prices in the UK. The growth in values in that time is astonishing with an average of 32% or £210,000 in monetary terms.

In April 2018 the average sale price for a property in Camden was £859,152 according to data from the ONS. This is a huge figure on its own but looks even higher when you compare it with the national average. During the same month the UK-wide average sale price was £226,906.

When you look at overall value, the Borough is only behind Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster. In these areas the average house prices in April were £1.35million and just shy of £1million respectively.

First time buyers

When it comes to character and amenities, few areas can match Camden. As a result it is a very popular area and attractive to many different types of people. Although house prices are high, first time buyers still want to live here. The affordability can make it very difficult though. In fact it has become even harder in the last five years. In that time the average price they would have to spend has increased by £183,000, reaching £735,828.

Find a property

There are plenty of fantastic areas in Camden with homes to suit different types of buyer. Kelly Street in Kentish Town really stands out because the properties are painted bright colours. This reflects the whole character of the Borough.

Finefair works hard to help investors find the perfect properties and can then help with managing them. Our role as the best provider of estate management Camden has is overseeing every aspect of the upkeep. As a result we can protect the value for landlords and tenants.

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