Cambridge emerging as a popular spot for property investors

A new survey carried out by property website Rightmove has revealed that properties in Cambridge sell faster than in any other part of the UK. Cambridge properties listed on the website take, on average, 27 days to be sold. This means the East Anglia town even outpaces London – the capital’s boroughs Sutton and Lewisham came in second in the survey, with an average selling time of 29 days. In the capital overall, the average time is 41 days.

There are a few reasons why Cambridge is considered a desirable place to live or to invest in property, which could explain the remarkable speed with which properties are changing hands: this beautiful city contains some of the UK’s most striking architecture and offers a great way of life, with plenty of scenic areas and easy access to London with its efficient transport links. With plans for a brand new railway station in place in 2015, commuters will be even more well catered for in the future.

Another obvious attribute of Cambridge is its world-famous university, which ensures there is plenty of ongoing demand for student accommodation in this area. If you are considering investing in a property in Cambridge with the intention of letting it, this is a huge market of potential tenants to tap into. A landlord who owns a Cambridge property and lets to students will surely never be short of reliable, high quality tenants to occupy the premises.

Cambridge is not only an educational centre, but also attracts a lot of big business. It is a base for many top technology and science firms, whose workers will of course require quality accommodation. Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca intends to make Cambridge its base for its worldwide operations which will also no doubt contribute to the need for housing – another great opportunity for investors who want to buy-to-let. If you are considering investing in property in the Cambridge area, there is plenty of potential to make a great profit from your investment, either by selling it on at the right time or by letting it, and at Finefair we can help you with any aspect of this. We do not just deal with London properties; we manage all kinds of properties throughout the entire UK, which makes us the perfect option for your management needs no matter where you choose to invest your money.