Buyers and renters love fashionable Southwark

Located in the heart of inner London, Southwark is one of the most desirable boroughs for buyers and tenants. After going extensive regeneration in recent years it is now home to some of the capital’s most luxurious and fashionable buildings, particularly in the north of the borough, as well as more affordable investments in up-and-coming areas like Peckham, Camberwell and Bermondsey.

Running along the edge of the Thames and connected to the City of London by numerous bridges, including the world-famous London Bridge, the borough offers stunning views across some of the capital’s most iconic sights, providing optimum appeal for properties here.

Southwark is home to huge numbers of businesses and entertainment venues, as well as various tourist attractions and architectural achievements from several centuries. Some of the most well known sights include the distinctive 95-storey Shard skyscraper, the hugely popular Tate Modern gallery, and the historic Borough Market.

The borough has historically been a hub for entertainment and the arts; the famous Globe theatre was constructed here in 1599 and was the site where Shakespeare’s works were first performed. Shakespeare’s Globe, a modern reconstructed version of the original theatre, attracts huge interest from theatre lovers who want to see the likes of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo and Juliet performed in an authentic setting. The high numbers of tourists bring job opportunities and income to the borough which increases the appeal for many prospective renters and buyers.

If you are considering investment properties in the Southwark area or in any other part of London, our team of property specialists can help you to identify the most suitable properties which are most likely to bring you success. Buy to let investors will have the opportunity to target many different audiences with investments in this borough, from professionals in search of luxury modern apartments to students who need affordable accommodation. We have worked closely with many investors for more than a decade and are ready to work with first-time investors as well as those who already possess and extensive portfolio.