Buy-to-let can be a rewarding investment

Buy-to-let properties have been popular amongst investors for many years, and are becoming increasingly popular as more people are choosing to rent their homes rather than buying them. Over 1.4 million people worldwide own a property which they use for additional income and with the rising rents, low interest rates and great house prices it’s an extremely profitable time for many landlords.

We provide full property and block management in Waltham Forest and London, and are ready to provide the help you need to make a success of your buy to let property. Here are our tips to help you succeed.

  • Never skip inventories or checks on tenants. Landlords are always at risk of selecting a tenant that is unable to look after the property or who would dispute if you were to use the deposit for repairs. Issues such as these can be costly and time consuming, so landlords should never skip the necessary inventories and tenant checks in favour of a quick transaction.
  • Make sure you have landlord insurance. This is available for all people who let a property, and because the amount of rental properties has increased they are more inclusive than ever before. Specialist policies can cover everything from the building and contents to loss of rent, heating, boilers and many more factors. The right insurance can potentially save you thousands of pounds in repairs should something go wrong.

These are just a couple of the ways you can improve your buy-to-let income and reach success as a landlord. Should you require more information and assistance, you can ask us for help. As one of the finest property management companies in London, we can deliver exceptional service for all clients regardless of their position. Our property services range from guaranteed rent to property management to private lettings and everything in between, providing clients with comprehensive support.