A buy-to-let property can provide an income throughout your retirement

More and more people are thinking about investing in buy to let properties as an alternative to traditional pension funds. With a bit of careful planning and some help from a professional lettings agent, a rental property could be a great investment that will ensure you have a steady income in your retirement years.

Of course, there are always potential risks involved in purchasing a buy to let property, but we can provide you with all the help you need to maximise your chances of financial success. Here are some of our tips to help you make the most of your available resources and make the best choices when investing in properties in London areas such as Southwark, Hounslow, or Kingston Upon Thames.


  • When looking at areas to invest in, take a close look at the financial facts rather than thinking about which area is the most fashionable. Look into areas which have a high level of demand for housing and consider what the area has to offer to potential tenants – this will enable you to target the right kind of people.
  • Consider looking a little further afield from home. You don’t have to actually be based in London to own a property in the capital; investors from across the world choose to invest in London properties because they know there’s always a demand for rental properties and they can make a steady income. When working with professional property managers or a lettings agent like Finefair, you can have your investment well looked after no matter where you are based.
  • Don’t let the potential responsibilities and hard work of life as a landlord put you off. We can take care of all the time consuming day to day work for you, allowing you to reap financial rewards while we handle the stressful parts of the job, including management, paperwork, arranging viewings, inspecting the premises and dealing with tenants.