Using buy to let investment to build a nest egg

Providing for our children becomes our primary concern from the minute they are born. We want to ensure that they will be protected financially if anything happens to us, and many of us build a fund over the years to finance their further education, first car or first home. The substantial growth of the buy to let market in recent years has presented lucrative opportunities to new investors, and many people have embraced property investments as a way to earn an income, save money and provide their children with a tangible asset.

People consider buy to let investments for many different reasons. Some seek capital growth whereas some are motivated by rental yields. Whatever your reason for investing, the right support can help you secure maximum returns and be sure of passing on a healthy inheritance to your children or grandchildren.

When people enter the buy to let market they are often unsure of the first steps to take. It can be tempting to dip your toe in the water by buying one property and trying to manage it yourself whilst holding down a demanding day job. When you add children to the mix, this can be very difficult. Most people who make money in buy to let tend to hang on to their properties for 15 to 20 years which is ideal for parents wishing to pass on properties or an accumulated sum to their offspring.

We can help with all aspects of buy to let property investment in Merton and the rest of London, from ensuring you find the right property for your needs to providing comprehensive property management and guaranteed rent schemes. We offer high quality investor and pre-auction services and we assist all first-time buy to let investors with beneficial advice and an attentive service.

We can also find the best tenants for you and enable you to obtain the highest possible rent. We will manage your properties, tenancies and take care of your investment. Our role is to help you secure attractive returns and profitable long term solutions. With our services you can rest easy that your investment in your children’s future is in the best hands.