A new business and financial district for East London

London is constantly changing and evolving, with new businesses and developments being introduced all the time. With the constant changes, the city’s property market is always fluctuating and changing too. There is a major new development taking place this year which is set to have a big effect on property prices and demand for new homes; a new financial and business district is being created at the Royal Albert Docks, and looks set to rival Canary Wharf and the City of London.

This enormous billion-pound development is being undertaken by Minsheng Investment, a group of some of China’s biggest private firms, and looks set to be completed by 2017. London’s high end property market is extremely appealing to many overseas investors, and this development is the next step. There will be new work, leisure and retail spaces, as well as prime office space. It is hoped that the new district will attract more Asian firms to open offices in London. We look forward to seeing how this new development will affect the capital’s property market and create new opportunities for investors.

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