Building a property portfolio takes planning

In today’s market, where rental properties are in high demand, a portfolio of properties can be a valuable thing to have. However, it’s never as simple as buying a property and expecting high returns instantly. Instead, building a property portfolio takes time and intricate planning.

We specialise in property management in Sutton and throughout the rest of the capital, and can provide you with the help you need, whether you are a first time investor or already own an extensive portfolio. Here are some of our tips for getting your portfolio off the ground.

1) Always begin with one. All portfolios of 10, 100, and even 1,000 properties started with one single step. It may be advisable to start small and local, gradually working your way up through properties and taking full advantage of our property management expertise to help you keep control of your investments.

2) When building a portfolio, the aim is to buy low and sell high. Each month thousands of properties are sold at a fraction of what they cost or should cost, for example in situations where the seller needs cash quickly due to changes in personal circumstances. Take this as your opportunity to make low offers that will gain you more profit in the long term.

3) Buy at the right time. The UK’s property market is constantly fluctuating and for this to work in your favour, you need to pick the best time to buy property. Look out for recent trends and changes, as well as any rises in value, and buy when prices are at their lowest. With our in depth knowledge of London’s ever changing property markets, we can advise you on these issues.

4) There should be a lot of research before any money is exchanged. You should investigate the fluctuations in the market but also the area in which you purchase, determining who your target market is and what features the area can offer them. This will enable you to market your property in the right way, maximising your chances of appealing to students, families, professionals or whoever your target market is.