Breathing new life into London

Structures aren’t just something that people build, they act as homes which themselves are safe havens to billions of people. New properties can offer a particularly fresh start, giving people a blank canvas to work with in creating their own home. London may be the most populous city in the UK, but there is still plenty of potential for people to find their ideal home.

The Barking and Dagenham Council has a vision in mind that could materialise and bring with it a boost in homes and jobs in East London. Enough land is available to deliver over 35,000 homes and 10,000 new jobs between the next 15-20 years. There are certain barriers in place presently that are preventing the idea from coming to life though. One of the issues concerning an agreement to have an overground train station to be built at Barking Riverside has been resolved already. This alone will allow 10,800 new homes to be erected along a two kilometre stretch of wasteland beside the Thames.

The A-13 road also presents a blockade. The Lodge Avenue Flyover and Renwick Road Junction are particular congestion and bottle neck magnets, costing businesses millions each year. Because the surrounding area is severely blighted, the land values are very low, hindering investments for developers. The Borough is also practically cut in two due to the road, dividing the communities. The plan here is to have a 1.3km stretch of the A-13 tunnelled. The resulting re-zoning of industrial land for mixed use development would directly create the opportunity for 5,000 new homes at least. This would also stimulate the development for 30,000 further planned homes in Barking and Dagenham and the neighbouring Havering.

At Finefair we have extensive experience when it comes to finding buyers for new property across the vast reaches of London. We work closely with prospective buyers to find out what it is they want from their homes and we do our best to deliver this to them. Whether they are owner occupiers or investors we can provide all of the support they need. We can even offer guaranteed rent services for the latter to help them ensure they get a stable income.