The best Boroughs for living close to outdoor spaces

In the previous article we wrote about how demand for homes with gardens is typically higher in the summer. Sadly in big cities not all properties have these spaces. This leaves living close to open spaces such as parks the best option for many.

Those people looking for homes in London closest to open spaces will also be interested in the report provided by eMoov we mentioned in that piece. Using the same London Datastore data, the online estate agent looked at which Boroughs have the highest percentage of land designated for public outdoor spaces. Havering came out top with an impressive 59.4%. Bromley was second at 57.8%.

Havering and Bromley have the highest percentage of outdoor public land in the whole of London. If you want to live close to open public spaces these are the best bets. Areas like Richmond Upon Thames and Hillingdon feature prominently too, both enjoying an abundance of space.

Of the areas mentioned Havering stands out for having an average house price of £362,983 (based on the latest Land Registry figures). This is an attractive number and puts values a good distance behind the London average. The average price in Bromley is higher at £433,008. This makes it slightly less affordable but showcases that demand is higher in the south London area.

At Finefair we know the value people place on living close to open public spaces, particularly when their homes don’t have their own outdoor space. As the leading provider of estate management Havering has we have had the pleasure of working with numerous landlords and tenants over the years. A number of the latter have been searching for homes near outdoor spaces that they can make use of.

As part of our service we can manage all aspects of estate effectively, including outdoor and shared spaces. We work with a talented team of maintenance providers and always ensure we deliver the highest standards.

If they need help with estate management Havering landlord should contact us to arrange a service.