A borough with so much to offer for owner occupiers and landlords

Lambeth is a vibrant London borough to the south of the Thames, in an incredible location with easy access to the City and other central areas. The location is highly attractive for both work and leisure. It is home to several vibrant urban centres as well as a number of spacious suburban areas. This diversity attracts a huge number of people, making the area the fourth most densely populated in England.

One thing that people realise quickly about Lambeth is that it is very popular with young people, and it is particularly attractive to first and second time buyers because property prices are more affordable than other central areas. The location offers good connections to the rest of London so it is perfect for commuting to work. On top of this the nightlife is highly regarded, earning the borough the reputation as a 24 hour spot.

The diverse selection of properties in the area gives buyers a huge amount of choice. There are Victorian terraces for people who want more space as well as dock and riverside apartments for young professionals who are less concerned about room than about being in a fantastic location. The selection is impressive, shaped by the varied demands of the people who live in the area.

Lambeth can also offer some unique opportunities for renting, both on a long and short term basis. The borough is within easy reach of a number of tourist attractions as well as the busy urban areas already mentioned, and there are a number of universities in close proximity to the area. Each of these makes the borough attractive for renting.

If you are looking to buy a property, either to live in or with the intention to let it, Lambeth is a great area to look at. It has performed well over the last few years and the huge amount of development ongoing on Nine Elms and Battersea to the west is having a positive knock on effect on prices in the Borough.

If you are considering making a property investment in Tower Hamlets, Lambeth or any other London boroughs, we are here to help. We’re always happy to offer advice to buyers and can help them to find the perfect property to suit their needs. We can offer support throughout the process, from the initial search to putting in offers and after sales services.