Block management services for HMOs in Wandsworth

One of the proactive ways in which the London housing shortage is being addressed is through the increase in HMOs (homes with multiple occupants). Many of the buildings in the capital are of a size and structure that allow for more than one family or separate individuals to take up rented occupancy in them. Whilst in certain cases licensing and permission is required, there is unilateral support for this across the authorities of the London Boroughs due to the fact that it helps to relieve shortage of available housing. One of the highest levels of HMOs to be found in London is in the district of Wandsworth, a region which we serve.

The access Wandsworth naturally gives to Central London has made it a highly desirable and sought place to relocate. HMOs have increasingly been seen as a way to accommodate the number of people who need to live in the borough. In fact, Wandsworth has the third highest level of HMOs recorded across the city. With the right professional services at their disposal, people who own investment properties in Wandsworth are in a prime position to make substantial rental or sales gains from their investment.

We provide the comprehensive block management property owners need in order to get the greatest returns. Whether the requirement is to manage and maintain the building and tenants to secure maximum rental income returns, or to ensure the building is managed and made available for sale, we have the ability and skill to deliver this. Our work has been recognized as the best, which is why we have the status as a preferred supplier of services to the majority of the London boroughs.

Our block management services deliver the best for property owners across London. We assign a dedicated property manager to handle your portfolio, giving you the professional, comprehensive attention you expect. Our flawless record for delivering property and block management is one that we are very proud of, and have worked hard to attain. We know that the only way to keep this is by making absolutely sure that you experience nothing short of the best service possible.