Block management for your HMO

The buy to let market is widely regarded as a fascinating area for investment as well as a potentially lucrative one. It is also increasing in popularity at a staggering rate. The last few years have been glorious for landlords and investors, and there are three main factors that have contributed to the success within the buy to let market. Recovering house prices, rising rents and low interest rates have all played a huge part in making the last five years an incredibly profitable period for landlords and property developers.

We know that when you invest in a buy to let property your long term goal is capital growth, but it is also prudent to focus on cash flow in the short term. The reality is that by increasing your profit potential from one property you can guarantee your chances of successfully covering your mortgage and other costs as well as securing an income. Many investors over the last few years have embraced the idea of converting and refurbishing property to increase its earning potential. Large family homes can be transformed into six bedroom properties with multiple bathrooms. By converting your property into a HMO you can exceed all your own expectations and guarantee exceptional returns on your investment.

We specialise in all aspects of property, including management, lettings and council leasing in Camden and throughout the entire capital. We can assist investors with the transformation of their properties into high yielding HMOS and hostels. Naturally when you increase the accommodation you have available you can secure more tenants and ensure yourself a very attractive financial future. When you do undertake a conversion into a multiple shared occupancy you will need the support of experienced professionals that have the market knowledge and contacts to make sure you make the right choices.

There are a certain amount of obligations you need to be aware of as an HMO landlord and we can help you understand and fulfil each one. We will assist you with every aspect from licensing and modification to all areas of planning permission. We will ensure your property is fully prepared and completely safe for your tenants. We have been working with HMO investors, providing property management and dealing with council leasing in Camden and beyond for over ten years and we can fully support you with all practicalities. Contact us and our skilled and friendly team will help with all your HMO enquiries.