There has been a big surge in London’s rental market

When seeking investment properties, there is no better location to consider than London. As the economy of the country recovers, we are witnessing a substantial surge in the London rental market, and it is the ideal time for new and established investors to take advantage of the potential professional and economical rewards.

Due to the fact that the city is the leading centre for finance, business, culture and entertainment it offers the perfect opportunity for property investors. We can advise you on all issues surrounding investment properties in Hackney and throughout the rest of the capital.

Our exclusive investor services have become widely known and preferred throughout the city, as they represent the highest quality. When you seek support, it is important that you receive the most beneficial advice possible. Investing in a property is not to be taken lightly, and we appreciate the magnitude of the financial outlay. Whether you are a new investor or existing developer that wishes to expand your portfolio, we offer the same high standard of support. From the finest property hotspots to the latest market news and developments, we are on hand to ensure you make the right purchases and effectively manage them.

Our vast experience and knowledge not only solidifies our capabilities of delivering the best service to you, but it also helps you gain greater insight into the market itself and secure an advantaged position. Our investment services provide full support, whether you are looking for investment properties in Hackney or any other location, or you are already in possession of a property with untapped potential. Aside from helping investors locate the right opportunity, we also help increase financial gain by turning properties into bed and breakfast establishments or HMOs. We have been buying, selling and managing properties for our valued clients for many years and we take great pleasure in supporting the growth of high yielding investment portfolios.

Our award winning asset management service takes all the worry out of investing for you as we can guarantee your rent and provide comprehensive management of your property for ten years. Investors have been benefiting from our risk free service for many years. We deliver full management along with no bills, expenses or licensing issues. You can maximise your income and pay no fees or commission. Your income is guaranteed for the entire duration of the scheme and you will receive a monthly payment along with no void periods.