Bexly remains London’s hottest spot for property

Earlier in July Zoopla released its latest statistics to show which hotspots in the UK have seen the biggest growth in values since the start of 2017. The area with the highest rise in prices was Belper in Derbyshire, a historic market town. With growth of 7.43% it beat the popular coastal town Hove.

Not surprisingly London has two areas on the list of top ten hotspots. Bexley, the town in the Borough of the same name, came joint fifth with 6.56%. Worcester Park in Sutton took eighth place at 6.41%.

To further showcase how impressive the growth is in the areas of London, the average was reported to be just 0.5%. The hotspots have outperformed this by a huge amount, showing how popular they are amongst buyers.

As well as the figures Zoopla also revealed information about what turns buyers off when they look at homes and what key thing they are looking for.

The top three things that can dissuade a buyer from making a purchase are single glazed windows, mould issues, and untidy gardens. All three would need an additional investment to correct, placing more pressure on the buyer and resulting in more disruptions.

Interestingly the thing most buyers are looking for in the perfect home is a garage. This is a key feature across the UK, even in parts of London with good public transport links.

The hotspots will be interesting to investors of all shapes and sizes, particularly those that have shown good growth but still remain affordable. Bexley falls perfectly into this bracket. The average price is now at £477,981, up by almost £30,000 since the start of the year. Even with this growth the homes are still more affordable than in prime areas.

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