Bexley is a consistently popular area

Online estate agent eMoov has compiled a National Hotspots Index since 2014. They look at the 150 most popular towns and cities across the UK, compile figures for each individual country, and also conduct a breakdown of London.

Since the Index was first compiled Bexley has proven to be one the most consistently in demand areas in London and the whole of the UK. In Q1 of 2017, the most recent set of figures, the Borough was once again number one in the capital with buyer demand at 56.13%. This put it a good way ahead of second placed Newham (51.82%).

Although Bexley was the most highly demanded area in London it was somewhat behind the leaders across the whole of the UK. Rugby topped the overall list with demand at 68.29%. This goes to show that there are hotspots outside of London that are very popular.

The average demand for the whole of England in the quarter was 39.34%. This put it ahead of Scotland (36.18%) and Wales (27.35%). Surprising Bexley is way ahead of all three, showing just how popular the area is.

Since the Index began Bexley has consistently ranked in the top ten for London and made it on to the list for the whole of the UK too. At its height of popularity it saw demand exceed 76%.

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