Bed and breakfast management in London

Running a bed and breakfast can be challenging, but can also be a very rewarding business venture with the right property management in place. There are many thousands of bed and breakfasts operating across Great Britain, hundreds of which operate in London. With a forecast 18.7 million visits for 2014, adding up to an astounding £11.3 billion injected into the economy by tourism, running a bed and breakfast in the right location certainly has potential.

The stability of London’s tourism market, as well as the high demand for property in the capital, means that we are constantly looking for bed and breakfasts, as well as those looking to invest in turning their property into a bed and breakfast in Barnet, Bromley, Havering and all other parts of the capital.

One of the obvious pitfalls to running a bed and breakfast is the daily property management, which can be too complex or extensive to keep up with on your own. We offer a comprehensive property management solution for all property owners in Barnet, the capital, and the rest of the UK. From the moment that you sign your property up with us, all of the tiring management involving your property and finances are fully dealt with.

When you sign your bed and breakfast up to our scheme, we take over the daily hassles involved with property management. You will, however, still receive a constant income from your business. You can lease your building to us for up to a decade, and over this time we will take care of everything, from the costs of running the business to paying you guaranteed rent. Your business will be in safe hands and you will receive one guaranteed rent payment a month into your BACS account.

Alternatively, if you have a property that you wish to turn into a bed and breakfast, then we can help you with that as well. Simply lease it to us and our team will do the rest, earning you a steady income throughout your lease.

Whether you have a single property that you want to turn into a bed and breakfast or a large portfolio, our property management in London will be of great value to you. Our long term solutions will help you to make the most out of your investment and ensure that you receive a steady source of income with none of the hassle associated with running a bed and breakfast. Our services and our expertise in property will ensure a hassle-free lease and ensure that your bed and breakfast is ran with professional help.