Avoiding the dangers of dishonest representation

The rental market is, at the moment, very much working in favour of those who own properties in London that they wish to let. The potential yields are remarkable, with rental income from London properties showing significant increases on an annual growth measurement. This successful market has inevitably attracted less scrupulous operators. Being caught out, compromised or disappointed by such agencies can be avoided by using our trusted professional services for property management in Sutton and the rest of the capital.

There have been numerous recent news reports about the activities of dishonest people who claim to represent properties in London. A number of agencies have been advertising flats and houses in London to rent despite the fact that they have no right to do so. In most cases it seems that they have simply stolen images and details from other property management companies and passed them off as their own, whilst in one or two instances they have listed property which is not actually available to rent. They are doing this in the hope of luring in potential customers, with the intention being to sell them on a different, less attractive property which they do represent.

It goes without saying that we abhor this behaviour. We have always been committed to maintaining an ethical, professional focus. This has helped us to achieve great success, measured by the value of property we represent in the capital and our status as a preferred supplier across the London boroughs. We’ve never once felt the need to embellish or otherwise overstate what we do for our clients, because we know we offer an honest, high quality service.

Being a London property owner is a prestigious status, and you don’t want to be associated with individuals and agencies that have a bad reputation. We’ve worked long and hard to make Finefair the most trusted name in the London property market, and we can represent you in the way you expect to be.