Avoid the hassle of unpaid rent

Unpaid rent is one of the biggest challenges that a landlord can face. Ultimately, the main purpose of owning a buy to let property is to make money from your tenants’ rent payments, so if they are unable or unwilling to pay you can be left without an important source of income. This can happen for many reasons, from a tenant losing their job unexpectedly to unscrupulous tenants absconding without paying their rent. Whatever the reason, this is something you definitely want to avoid.

Guaranteed rent is one of the most popular services we offer to our clients, and with so many brilliant benefits, it’s easy to see why. Not only will you have absolutely no worries about chasing up rent payments each month, but you will also have the benefit of our professional knowledge when it comes to managing and taking care of your property. We will take over all the vital aspects of day to day property management, from handling repairs when something goes wrong to answering tenants’ enquiries and making sure they are always safe and happy in their homes. This helps to contribute to successful, long lasting tenancies and also increases your chances of securing trustworthy and reliable tenants.

We will consider paying guaranteed rent on any property throughout the UK, from entire estates and blocks of flats to single homes and apartments, regardless of the type or age of the building. This sets us apart from all other property companies offering this service and ensures our continuing status as the foremost providers of guaranteed rent in Bexley and across the rest of the capital, as well as further afield.

When you take part in our guaranteed rent offer, you are making a fantastic decision that will help you to reap many rewards from your investment and enable you to make a consistent income without any concerns. Get in touch today and we will be happy to inform you further about our unique guaranteed rent offer.