Assisting the public sector through property management

When it comes to property in the public sector, every bit of help is needed to ensure that it remains in satisfactory condition for its tenants and clients. As they are not run by private landlords, tenants can feel put off by such property or feel as if their best interests won’t be met if they move into such a property. However, we operate a number of property management services targeted specifically at the public sector, allowing us to work alongside local authorities to help them deliver an excellent service for their clients.

Our team understand that local councils and authorities are in constant need of property in order to house inhabitants, or for a variety of other reasons. Our property portfolio contains numerous types of property that can help to bolster a local council. We have a variety of accommodation available, including nightly lets and bed and breakfast accommodation. We can also procure hostels and HMOs, providing useful living spaces for a wide variety of individuals. In doing so, we can help councils to deal with accommodation shortages within their area.

We operate a number of other services as well, including a rent deposit scheme that allows underprivileged tenants to access funds from your council which will allow them to pay the deposit in order to rent accommodation from a private landlord. We can also organise assured shorthold tenancies to provide tenants with the correct contracts when they are renting accommodation. We also offer private license agreements, taking on the tenancy agreement and guaranteeing rent for the landlord, as well as a private sector leasing scheme, allowing us to lease high quality properties from landlords to provide to tenants in need of housing.

We are passionate about the work that we do and currently work alongside 22 of London’s local authorities and councils, as well as various councils across the UK. We are proud of what we do and are glad to work extensively with councils across the United Kingdom to procure the exact property that they need for their locale. With a property portfolio valued at over £500 million, managed on behalf of our myriad of clients, you can be fully assured that we are the professionals when it comes procurement, property management and estate management in Greenwich and across the whole of the capital.