How to become an “armchair investor”

In one of our previous blog posts, we mentioned how important it is that you get professional help with your property investments. Here we are going to discuss another big advantage of using a property management company such as Finefair to handle your investment properties: the opportunity to invest in properties which are far away from your home.

When you are managing your investment properties by yourself, it is obvious that you need to be near the properties so you can keep an eye on everything. This can severely limit your opportunities for investment, as you only have a limited area in which to look for properties. When you are working with a professional property management company such as Finefair, you can invest in a property anywhere in the UK, even one that is many miles away from where you are based. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities, allowing you to invest in properties based on their value and potential rather than on their geographical location. You can invest in the property of your choice in an area that is going to be the most profitable for you, and your management company will handle it for you. This style of investment is known as being an “armchair investor”.

For example, you could invest in a rental property in a university town with a large population of students, which gives you a large pool of potential tenants; or you could invest in a luxury property in a sought-after area and let it for a profit. There are so many possibilities when there are no limits on the location.

This approach even gives you the chance to invest in property overseas, and as the changing values of different currencies can have a huge effect on the value of property, this gives you the chance to make some potentially huge profits. In order to make a real success of your armchair investments, you need to know you are working with a reliable partner with a proven track record of success; here at Finefair, we can give you that reassurance. We manage properties throughout the entire UK, so no matter where you are based, you can be sure we’ll take great care of your property and handle all the important matters with the utmost care. With our years of experience working with London borough councils in Hillingdon, Islington, Camden and all other areas of the capital, we can advise you on the best way to use your investment properties whether that involves council leasing, turning it into a HMO or any other strategy.