Anti-social behaviour is on the decline in Bromley

In April 2017 a new initiative to tackle social crimes began in the London Borough of Bromley. As we approach the end of the first year, it is great to look at the progress. The headline figure is that since the start of the program reports of arson have seen a 46% reduction. In addition, reports of anti-social behaviour are down by 29%.

The two year strategy is already proving to be a success as it reaches the half-way point. The statistics show that public protection and safety is increasing. The real issues facing people in the area such as arson, fly tipping, and nuisance and socially-aggravated behaviour are all improving.

It is hoped the initiative will also help to reduce the number of serious and high priority crimes in the area. This would dramatically improve attitudes towards the Borough and inspire more people to want to live there.

A multi-agency approach

The scheme has been so successful because it is multi-agency. Several Safer Bromley Partners are participating, including the Metropolitan Police, London Fire Service, and housing associations. The Mayor’s office for policing and crime (MOPAC), local organisations and voluntary groups have also pitched in.

Perhaps most importantly, efforts have been made to encourage local residents to look after their area. There are now several different steps people can take if they observe a crime. This includes notifying the local police and informing the council. People who report Envirocrime such as fly tipping could even receive a reward if their help leads to a prosecution.

At Finefair we provide a number of services in this Borough. For one we are the very best at arranging guaranteed rent Bromley has to offer. As a result we appreciate the issues that plague the area and locals have to deal with. All efforts to improve the area are fantastic for local residents and landlords who want to attract tenants.

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