America’s Build to Rent gains momentum in the UK

There are currently nine million private renters in the UK, and as the market continues to expand we are continuously seeing new developments that aim to improve sector standards and ensure greater transparency. The latest trend to become popular is the build-to-rent concept that originated in the United States. The project has the potential to completely transform the private rental sector into a booming service industry.

This kind of investment has proved to be very successful in the USA. It offers some of the best returns in American real estate and generated record breaking volumes of $110 billion in 2014. Consumer demand is now so high that the residential sectors in European countries such as Spain and France have failed to keep up with the demand. The Netherlands and Germany are enjoying a growing build-to-rent sector, and the UK is about to follow suit with the first project due for completion later in 2015 and further developments expected over the next 18 months.

The success of build-to-rent in Europe spells good news for the UK and the concept is beginning to attract investors. A report released by The British Property Federation and law firm Addleshaw Goddard cited the growth of the sector to be positive news for tenants, investors and the economy alike.

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