Consider allowing tenants to redecorate

In the past, rental properties were largely seen as short-term living solutions, but in recent years the number of people living long-term in rented homes has risen hugely. With many people spending years at a time in their rented properties, it’s unsurprising that they want the chance to personalise the property and make it unique. However, due to restrictive tenancy agreements which forbid redecorating, many tenants may be unable to personalise their home as much as they would like to.

Landlords who are looking to maximise their income may make their properties more attractive to prospective tenants by allowing them to decorate the property in a manner of their choosing. In fact, new research has revealed that many tenants would be happy to pay higher rent for the chance to personalise their homes. By letting tenants hang wallpaper, paint the walls, and place nails and screws into the walls for pictures, shelving and TV brackets, you may be able to increase your asking price and make greater returns from your property. You are also likely to retain tenants for longer, as they can feel happier and more comfortable in homes which are decorated to their taste.

If you are considering allowing your tenants to decorate the property as they choose, this will need to be clearly stated in the tenancy agreement, along with all the other guidelines you need them to abide by. As your lettings agent in Sutton, we can provide full management services and carry out regular inspections to make sure your tenants are staying within the agreed parameters and keeping your property in excellent condition. Get in touch with us today if you would like to learn more about our bespoke property management services. No matter how large or small your investment, we can provide all the help you need.