Affordable housing in an expensive neighbourhood

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The Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has some of the country’s most valuable homes. However, a fresh development of affordable housing recently got approval. This is great news for locals.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has taken command of the Notting Hill Gate scheme. The project will now provide 35% affordable homes, double the original number. Under the new proposals, people will be able to buy two thirds of these houses at social rent levels. The prices for many of the other homes shall not exceed that of London’s living rent level.

How the Mayor changed everything

Back in March, the local Council refused the Newcombe House development. Later on in the month, the Mayor took over. The Borough has found it tough to meet the goal for new and affordable housing. The improvements in the project will put it on the right path though.

Affordable housing isn’t the only thing that these plans will include. There shall be step-free access to the local Notting Hill Gate underground station. As a result the area will be much better for young families.

Another addition will be a new public square that comes with great cycle and pedestrian access. There are also plans to erect a medical centre. These are huge enhancements to the area that will benefit visitors and residents. Everyone is sure to enjoy them once the builders finish everything.

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