Addressing London’s long-term vacant properties

It is widely known that London is experiencing a shortage of housing, with insufficient homes to accommodate the ever increasing demand for living space in the city. There are presently just under three and a half million homes in Greater London, but the number of people seeking to live and work in the capital exceeds the number of homes available to rent or buy. As a result of this situation, greater focus is being placed on the number of London homes regarded as ‘long-term vacant’ properties.

While in a general sense it seems strange that there are properties in London which have been able to stand empty for six months or longer despite high demand, it can often be explained by a closer look at the circumstances surrounding the situation. It is exceptionally rare that people with empty property are in that situation by choice; often, they are simply unsure as to what exactly they should be doing with it. As leading property managers and letting agents covering Hounslow and the rest of London, this is where we can help you.

The exact number of vacant homes in London is not known, but the information available indicates that it is at least 25,000. In the majority of cases it is not that the property owner doesn’t wish to make the home available, but they either do not know how to go about it, or simply lack the time and resources. Over the years we have proved that we can provide the perfect answer to this. Our renowned property management services, which are supported by our pioneering guaranteed rent and council leasing arrangements, will see you get the maximum returns possible from your property with minimal time and resources needed from you.

With pressure being placed on London authorities to meet the rising demand for property, some areas are looking at issuing Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) for long term-vacant properties in the city. Whilst the pressure to do this is understandable, it is a turn of events that no one would wish to see happen. We firmly believe that there is no need to, as our unique management services see owners get the best returns possible for their portfolio, while also addressing the need for more housing.