Addressing the City Of Westminster housing shortage

Our motto, ‘Real People – Real Homes’, is much more than a slogan. The meaning behind it is why we deliver the services we do, and we are committed to always upholding the values behind the phrase. It is with this in mind that we see with sadness the current housing situation in the London Borough of the City of Westminster.

We would imagine that you have seen the recent news reports about the authorities in this Borough needing to look at moving those seeking housing to other areas. In terms of this, it’s quite possible that people might face the prospect of being relocated to regions outside of London. There is a great deal of understandable concern around this, as it will have a bearing on schooling and further education, as well as where people work.

Whilst long term strategies are underway to address the housing shortage in areas such as the City of Westminster this current situation underlines the need for a form of intervention in the mean time. This is what our services work towards providing. By delivering services such as guaranteed rent, council leasing and block management in the City of Westminster property owners are able to both help address the situation and gain access to assured yields from their investments.

There are a number of City of Westminster property owners that wish to ensure they reap a yield from their investment. In many cases they simply do not have the time or resources available to ensure that this is in place. This is where our services have come to be so trusted and highly regarded. We provide a comprehensive range of services for investment property across London, meeting both the need for residential accommodation in the city and the earning expectations of owners.

At present all market analysts expect the demand for property in London to continue growing. This is one of the major factors in making the market so successful. Our tried, tested and trusted services help enable property owners in both the City of Westminster and all other Boroughs in the capital gain the most assured returns on their investments.