A town so popular it has the County Hall for a separate area

Kingston Upon Thames has a really amazing history and a unique characteristic that no other area in the UK has. The town was the very first royal Borough and several kings were crowned here in the tenth century. Later the area became a river resort thanks to the arrival of the railway and the beautiful setting. Both attracted numerous wealthy individuals and more development.

The most incredible thing about Kingston Upon Thames is that it technically remains the county town of Surrey. The County Hall was built in the town in 1893 because the area captured the ambition and aspiration of the district. The administrative centre has remained here ever since. The property is located near to Kingston University and the Crown Court. The building has been modernised and improved over the years, including after being damaged by a bomb in July 1944.

The expansion of Greater London meant that Kingston Upon Thames became part of the capital when the local government was reorganised. It joined with two Municipal Boroughs, Surbiton plus Malden and Coombe, in 1965, becoming a London Borough. Surrey County decided not to move their administrative centre though due to ancient political rivalry between Woking and Guildford.

There have been a number of attempts to relocate the County Hall to Surrey since Greater London was reorganised. The most notable came in 2003 when there was an agreement to build a new property in Woking. The project ultimately ran out of money and was never finalised.

Kingston Upon Thames remains one of the most popular areas in the capital for investment properties. This is because the town retains its country feel, with wonderful green spaces, riverside stretches, and great transport links. Local amenities are great too and further developments are ongoing to create even more, including a new cinema.

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