A surprising boost for the property market

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The residential property market began this year with a much-needed boost. Research revealed that there had been a 40% rise in new sellers all over the country during January. London specifically had great growth, with a 79% supply increase. In Hillingdon, the supply went up by 118.7%.

The current property index displays an impressive inflation in new sellers. Said index examines the amount of new properties that estate agents have listed across 100 key cities and towns.

Excellent figures

Around 10% of cities and towns witnessed their new property listings go up by more than double. Roughly, 48% of them saw an increase of 50% or more. A mere six noticed their supplies diminish.

Historically, the property market has faced a rush of property owners putting properties up for sale later in the year. However, the index report found that the spike was more prominent at the beginning of 2018.

People expected 2018 to be a challenging year overall for the UK’s housing market. There’s a good chance that house price growth will be in the single digits by the year’s end. Fortunately, there is some positive news here. Something that the property market has proven is that it’s secure enough to manage the stormy headwinds that lie ahead.

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