A second attempt at renovation

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The Earl of Essex is a pub located in Newham that closed back in 2012. In January, the landlord put forward a planning application to redevelop it. The plan was to change it into nine flats upstairs and have a pub downstairs. However, councillors rejected this initial application. Their reasoning was that the renovations would harm the site’s historic use. In September however, the landlord put in a fresh application.

The proposition this time is almost identical. They want the nine flats plus a pub on the bottom floor. There is one slight alteration this time around though. The landlord included a letter in the application. It states that Brewit Microbrewery Ltd will operate the pub.

The planning document

Newham Council’s website has a planning document on it with pictures of how the flats would appear. They also reveal that there would be soundproof walls and floors. Their purpose is to limit the noise coming from the actual pub area. Something else the flats will have is modern fittings.

Initially, it seems like the owners have a planning application indistinguishable from the first one. This includes extending the structure’s side. Yet, the addition of Brewit Microbrewery could be the saving grace this time around.

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