A positive sign for the future of Newham Royal Docks

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New life for a neglected piece of riverside

Newham Royal Docks covers 112 hectares of riverside. In Victorian times it was a hotspot for trade and contributed a huge amount to the economy. Sadly a big downturn hit the area hard. There are plans for regeneration, driven by the fact that other stretches of land beside the Thames have become prime locations. The issue is this site is quite remote. This may all change in the future though thanks to new investment.

A new plan got the green light at the end of June that will transform the area. To start £300million will be invested in the area in the next five years. This in turn could trigger £5billion in inward investment, creating new homes, jobs, as well as all kinds of amenities.

The first stage of the project will improve the transport infrastructure and the local economy. It will create a new business district, leisure opportunities, and new homes. This could make the area a more popular destination and also encourage more people to live here. The plan also calls for the enhancement of the public realm, ensuring the landscape preserves the heritage of the area.


The project has some fantastic backing. The Mayor of London spoke out in favour of it. In addition the Mayor of Newham is onside, supporting the ambitious plan to rejuvenate the district.

The green light for the project came following a decision by the London Economic Action Partnership. They are responsible for allocating funding and appreciate the potential benefits the regeneration can bring.

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