A planning award for Hounslow’s new park

Last year we reported on plans for a new park in Hounslow that were a little unusual. The Rectory Park project aimed to design a green space for the public whilst also creating warehouses. These will be located underground, created using a cutting edge mineral extraction technique. The plan received planning permission in the summer.

On January 18th 2018 the project earned a very special accolade. It was awarded Innovation In Planning at the London Planning Awards 2018. This is well deserved considering how insightful and informed the plan is. It will result in a new development that appeals to a wide variety of shareholders.

The team behind the project brings together a huge amount of expertise. There is Formal Investments (a reputable developer), planning consultant DP9, architects, engineers, landscapers, and construction consultants. The team also worked closely with Hounslow Council, including their planning department and councillors. The award shows how successful this kind of partnership can be.

One of the most innovative parts of the project is the effort to minimise disruption. The concept itself is revolutionary but many people were concerned about the noise and traffic problems the construction would cause. These fears have been allayed. The mineral extraction will be contained underground rather than open mining. This will tackle noise concerns and even protect the environment.

Once finished, Rectory Park will provide essential community and recreational space. The site is 110 acres of former agricultural land. It will become home to full sized football, hockey and cricket pitches, as well as fields and tree-lined paths.

Hounslow is already a popular area for home seekers but a new park will be wonderful. It could inspire more people to move here and draw visitors too.

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