A new makeover for Bromley town centre

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Major regeneration

A new masterplan for a regeneration scheme for Bromley town centre was revealed at the beginning of August. The site is right in the heart of the area and is an impressive 4.5 hectares. The work on the site will create a new centre for the area and could also bring over 1,300 new homes in towers up to fifteen storeys tall. There would also be community spaces, new shops, and a new station.

The project could take up to twenty years to complete. It is currently open to public consultation, giving locals the chance to voice their opinions. The local council is encouraging as many people as possible to speak out about the project, whether positively or negatively. They want the work to provide maximum benefit and will consider all views, including about density and height.

Protecting Green Belt

The development of the town centre is necessary for many reasons. The area has a lot of Green Belt land. As a result there are limits on the amount of space that is available. This makes it difficult to achieve new targets for house building.

This project will look to develop land that is available. It is the second half of a wider plan for the area. An application for planning permission for the other side of the town centre is already under consideration.

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