A new Hackney neighbourhood based around a park

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A brand new scheme for Hackney Wickside will create a new neighbourhood and beautiful public spaces. The project will redevelop a 3.4 hectare site that is currently an industrial area. It will transform into a residential and commercial area, seeing the creation of 475 homes and workspace to support up to 300 jobs.

A new park

The thing that stands out about the proposal is that the masterplanners approach it with the public realm in mind. The new buildings are organised around a park, opening properties to the canalside as well as making them bright and airy. There will be plenty of wonderful triangle pieces of greenery across the site.

In addition to the park on the ground the plan is for a green roofscape. The buildings will have terraces, roof gardens, and play areas. These amenities will be accessible for all residents, giving them even more space to enjoy the great outdoors. One roof will even have a bar.

The transformation of the site will be fantastic, providing new homes in a wonderful area and a beautiful neighbourhood. The proposal now has planning permission and has also received an NLA award.

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