A new council-led construction boom

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Social mobility is at the centre of a fresh government Green Paper. It is pledging to provide council tenants the chance to dive into home ownership. These intentions received criticism for being unsuccessful to procure extra funding. However, they’ve arrived at a point where various London councils have begun to seek out alternative ways of creating new homes.

The requirements

London must construct 200,000 houses to keep up with its swelling population. Last year though, the total was a mere 27,000. This is less than half of the 66,000 a year target. Nonetheless, 22 of the 32 boroughs have plans to supply the city with 25,000 new homes over the next five years. This contrasts with the trivial 2,100 homes that councils built during the previous 7 years.

Council action

The public sector shall persist in their efforts to sell land to private developers for cash. Still, a report from London’s think tank centre has examined every borough by the channel it intends to use to provide houses. It is proving to be popular to do this themselves or through a subsidiary. Something else they discovered is that councils are passionate about returning to house building. They named Newham as one of the busiest boroughs involved in this kind of project.

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