A new all-night Overground service for London

Last year night Tube services were launched on the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines. The aim was to create a better night-time economy in the city, making it easier for people to travel home after visiting hotspots or working late shifts. The idea has proven to be a good one and has had an impact on the property market. The routes chosen have missed a number of important cultural hubs. That is until now.

The launch of new all night Overground services on Friday and Saturdays will help people travelling to and from these areas at night-time. The “Ginger Line” will connect Dalston Junction in Hackney with New Cross Gate in Lewisham. Next year the service will be extended further so that it reaches Islington.

A number of high profile cultural areas are on the new route. This includes Wapping, Shoreditch High Street and Whitechapel. With the new services people who work in these areas or visit for leisure will have more transport options to help them get home. This will help to stimulate the night-time economies.

Close proximity to transport links is a big selling point for buyers and renters alike. Young professionals are the most likely to be drawn to the areas that will now be served by the “Ginger Line”. They will appreciate easier access to restaurants, bars, and their workplaces.

A number of the areas along the line could very well become new hotspots, particularly those that offer more in terms of affordability. After-all they will see higher accessibility as a result and could become attractive to a wider audience of buyers and tenants.

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